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Cavalieri nazionali e internazionali, vincitori di concorsi e partecipanti olimpici che hanno scelto di essere testimoni delle staffe Safe Riding S1. Campioni attenti alla propria sicurezza, ricercatori di un comfort unico durante la cavalcata, desiderosi di assegnare un tocco di personalità al look proprio e del proprio cavallo, grazie alle cover per staffe S1. Questi sono gli ambassador Safe Riding.



Roberto Cristofoletti

Show Jumping

Absolute Italian Champion title (2011), the crowing achievement of a successful career, 18 attendances at team competitions and almost 10 attendances at Grand Prix World Cups: Roberto Cristofoletti is our ideal horserider. To develop our “Safety First” technology, at the base of Safe Riding stirrups, we’ve asked Roberto to help us. His know-how and his experience not only in riding, but even in training horses, was our plus. With the magical touch of Roberto, Tenuta Montemagno newborn horses (link pagina allevamento del sito TMM) become promising racehorses. To work in the most comfortable way, Roberto has opted for Safe Riding stirrups.

Helena Lundbäck

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An horsewoman the likes of Helena Lundback (7 European championships, 3 World championships, 2 World cup finals and 2 Olympic games to her credit) must takes care with safety and comfort. That’s why Helena has adopted our stirrups and has helped us in designing and testing Safe Riding stirrups. Now she can totally focus on the performance moment. We think about her security and ergonomics.

Luca Moneta

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Luca rwlinta entered his first Grand Prix in 2009, after a long technical preparation and a career as Federal Instructor. Professional rider in Jumping and third level instructor, Luca is a member of the Italian team in many Nation Cups, European and World Cahmpionships, CSI5* show and other important international shows. Moreover, he is carrying on with his “natural approach” work. According to this particular training philosophy, we need to preserve the spirit, the mind and the body of the horse. For his competitions, but for his training too, Luca has chosen Safe Riding stirrups and covers.

Monika Noskovičová

Show Jumping

Monika Noskovičová, from Slovakia, was born at the end of 80’s and started riding when she was 10 years old. In 2006, she achieved the12th place at the European chamionship for juniors in Athens (GRE). From 2011 onwards Monika collected numerous podiums, among which: first place at the World Cup League CSI3* (Pezinok - SVK), 3rd place at the GP CSI3* (Montefalco - ITA) in 2016 and the 1st place at the National Championship of Slovakia in 2017.
Year 2014 was a milestone in her career. She fell from her horse and remained hanged at the stirrup. The accident forced Monika to stop riding for 4 months. “Safety is very important for me!” says Monika. She has finally found a perfect solution to her need: Safe Riding stirrups. Designed to open quickly, immediately releasing the boot in case of falling, our stirrups even provide a comfort above any standard during the ride.

Ignace Philips

Show Jumping

With excellent positions in many international contests, Ignace moved to Italy in the mid-1990s, where, after some years, he founded its own club. Here young and professional riders are followed by an international staff. A family tradition and a vast experience lead Ignace to achieve resounding successes in CSI2* competitions even with very young horses. An international approach and competence for a rider who loves Italian quality and style: that’s why Ignace has decided to ride with Safe Riding stirrups.

Filippo Bologni

Show Jumping

A promise in riding: Filippo Bologni, born in 1994, has already obtained many national and global recognitions. Horseman by background, Filippo is a 6 times young Italian champion and received 2 medals at European contests. His resume is full of success, like the 5 attendances to Piazza di Siena CSIO and other 5 to Verona World Championship, where he reached important positions. Filippo’s talent is not only about the horses - he’s a singer indeed. With the FilippoBologniMusic label he crossed over the Italian iTunes charts. Filippo is now Ambassador for our stirrups, giving us his fascinating enthusiasm and bringing a new freshness to our collections.

Will Rawlin


After a successful career, Will Rawling decided to run his own professional yard in the Wiltshire/Berkshire border. Here he expands his horse power and offers clients personal horse development. For the next future, Will has many goals to achieve, traning and developing his horses with an individual program of education and competition opportunities to reach their full potential. His way to make project with a plan is similar to our mission, so we’re very glad Will decided to be one of our ambassador.

Giuseppe D’Onofrio

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Giuseppe D’Onofrio is the rider who gave back to Italy important recognitions. After a promising soccer career, at 11 he rode for the first time, and it was love at first sight. He started his career as soon as possible in jumping, being part of the Italian team in a very short time. From 2005 he took part at the most important international contests, always with great success, and in 2007 he is the first Italian in the Top 5 at Arezzo Global Champion Tour, in which only the best 50 riders of the world are admitted. With him, Italy gained the silver medal at European Championship, for the first time in the history. That’s why we’ve asked to Pippo to be our ambassador: he knows how to honour the Italian flag!
Giuseppe D’Onofrio, the rider who gave back to Italy important recognitions, is our new Ambassador! The first Italian in the Top 5 at Arezzo Global Champion Tour, reserved to the best 50 riders of the world, and member of the Italian team who gained, for the first time in our history, a silver medal at European Championship: surely he knows how to honour the Italian flag!

Giacomo Casadei

Show Jumping

Giacomo Casadei is our youngest ambassador, but he already has a remarkable medal collection. Grown up between stables and competitions, Giacomo has been familiarizing with hores since when he was a very little boy. In a short time he stand out thanks to his impressive rider’s talent, obtaining important results. Only in the last year, he has conquered a bronze medal at European Junior Championships, he attended to Piazza di Siena as the youngest horseman, and won , together with his team, a silver medal to Youth Olympic Games at Buenos Aires. Moreover, here he won an individual gold medal. We suggest to keep an eye on him!